ビーズの香りが違うことに着目したブランド「Made in the Dark jewellery」


There are 15 million blind people in India. 80% of cases are from preventable reasons such as cataracts and malnutrition, but there are insufficient treatment centres and a lack of awareness about the problem.

引用先:Jonathan Fraser Made in the Dark

上記問題への一つのアプローチとして、「Made in the dark」という取り組みがされています。

Scent-beaded jewellery is a range of products made by blind craftswomen, who can use their sense of smell to enhance their craft skills. The craft uses a colour-scent language that matches the hues of a variety of jewellery beads with appropriate scents. Using this, the blind artisans can design the aesthetics and fragrances of the jewellery they create. The result is a range of handmade designs which communicate both visually and with a mix of gentle, traditional aromas.

Made in the Dark is the brand designed to help these blind craftswomen sell scent-beaded jewellery. It combines traditional aesthetics with modern detailing in order to appeal to the chosen market: progressive, middle-class Indian women who shop at the growing range of ethical retailers in India.

引用先:Jonathan Fraser Made in the Dark

「Made in the dark」の取り組みは、「ビーズは香りが違う」という1点にフォーカスをすることで、